About Us

Based in Bournemouth UK, The Clockwork Devil AKA TCD Jewelry was founded in 2020 as an expansion from Massimo Nicoletti's passion for traditional art and sculpture into the world of wearable artwork. To this day, all designs whether hand carved or digitally sculpted, are brought to life with the same love and attention to detail that has always made TCD jewellery an expression of unparalleled individuality and artistic freedom.
Specialising in handcrafted custom jewellery, TCD Jewelry has been producing show-stopping pieces for private clients and events such as Coachella since 2020. TCD also provides exclusive jewellery ranges to small businesses in the Bournemouth Area, such as Immaculate Chaos and Jynx Tattoo Bournemouth.
If you are a business looking to step into the world of wearable artwork with your own custom range of products, or an individual looking for unique and exclusive custom jewellery; TCD is here with a friendly and tight-knit staff with a passion for bringing your ideas to life in style. 

Alternative Luxury Jewellery, Bournemouth UK

+447365936874 tcdjewelry@gmail.com

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